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Foundation of HCI Conclusion

All of my understanding from the book has been summarised in the discussion section of the book from Yvonne Rogers herself with those words.

“Theory weary, theory leery,
why can’t I be theory cheery?” (Tom Erickson, 2002).

It has been a long journey and good practice to look from different glasses (theories). Although it was little hard for me to change perspective over time but in every theory I felt more puzzled with the idea of this theory is suitable or comparing different theories. I feel my brain is changing and adapting those concepts gradually.

HCI Theories have something common they’re all want to generalise the fundamentals of interactions and fulfil basic questions with proper answers, this mission could be little tricky because of the fact that we all have different brains and normal brain could have 4 to 10 billion neurones so imagine variety of the different brains.

My favourite theory was External Cognition so far. I loved the idea of whole interaction is cognitive process of internalisation the external representations. Now I’m writing something and want to explain my internal information representation but what I meant will probably be reduced with the lack of emotions or language or any other problems. We’re searching for new representations for example concept maps, mind maps, reflection writings, charts infographics etc. We are searching new ways to explain ourselves better but it is still not operating full capacity. If we look from that perspective our surroundings could be looked like this