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Holly New Projects..

Time after time i’m thinking about my last projects and they were not good enough to publish them at all.. At least I admit that i’m a fuckin master of giving up hope from projects.. But every project i promise myself again and again, so it seems my promise season started..

Let’s talk about brain killer addictional “select and explode” games such as Candy Crush Saga, Jevelmania, Bravesmart, bla bla jewel something etc.. they are like twins or triplet of each other, indeed learnt that they all are coming from same game idea which is quite old game instead of new ideas and that old game called Shariki (1994). People are interesting, i have no idea what is so distinctive about those games to make people fall in love with them. For example recently i read game’s family tree, it is digging out candy crush’s relevants. If you like to take a look this is the blog post.

But maybe the only success  which situated in a world wide now is lying beneath of Candy Crush Saga because of this game was not popular in the shariki time that much. Nowadays it has 46 million monthly users according to wiki its great number for 1 year of progress so maybe candy crush put this game theory to the top.

What was the key point of candy crush? I have an assumption, and i’m gonna test them. Firstly my single strong assumption is about the tendency of people when they are enjoying to play candy crush most.

Desire coming from human nature, simply you want something and eventually you get it. But important question is which part of the most enjoyable part of your wanting process? I think we can test it while you’re watching rugby?
You want from player to get one yard or two but sometimes he gets 4 5 yard or even goal directly and this means more adrenaline more enjoy for you ☺

Ottoman Empire Sultan 4. Murat who is the conqueror of Baghdad said “Fighting to capture Baghdad was more beautiful than Baghdad” as you can imagine when you reach something you wanted to it is not a target anymore – that is long thought – i explained to much and  rambled subject maybe 🙂 so when you’re trying to explode all sugars you’re waiting to big shot (explode many of them) but most of the times you’re exploding them even you hadnt got a plan only for you luck (tried and trusted)  and this game persuade you to “you’re great and smart to explode all that diamonds, look at the animations 😀 bom boom boom” (but you’re not because you have just spent your time with me! haha) 😀