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How to make an Elon Musk from scratch!

Let’s start with the facts and then stir them slowly with low heat then will add some salty BCI.

I want to inform you that this post is still a DRAFT!!! and in process of being finished, published because of personal reasons.


Firstly we take these facts to boil it down!

  • Flow Theory explains how we’re surfing in the time when we’re doing something we believe is important or makes sense for us. Of course, in order to enter and stay in the flow (or zone), we have to have a various number of items on the bucket list. (it’s various because not clear how many) I’ll take most important one which is continuity of the event it’s not surprising that we have been evolving in order to observe the world whether it could be a wild animal which will be hunted or facial expression of your loved one. Let’s call this MOTION!
  • “Obsession: an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind” We’re all obsessed with something in some degree but how hard, it’s up to you to decide. But it is possible to adjust the volume of the obsession by ourselves. OBSESSION.
  • We are capable of learning or doing something non-stop more than two days, but how many of us are willing to try and see the limits of it. When he was 13 he finished 6 months of Basic Learning book in 3 days in order to make his game as soon as possible which brings us to the point where we’re fucking soft to ourselves. It probably wasn’t his choice obsession comes with some good side effects like this. (possibility of killing 3 days in order to fulfil obsession) CRUELTY.


These facts may not be all of them to create Elon but we will investigate this assumption by using BCI.

BCI application supposedly talks about the evidence of wandering and when we are distracted it’ll warn us to get back on track in order to fulfil 3 days of non-stop my fight or flight response. I’m hopeful about the fact that everyone has a threshold which alters our perception in order to make us happy and feel acquainted with the situation where we put ourselves. My main goal is to discover this situation by rushing how fast and how dedicated I would be to reach that threshold.

Still not decided which task would it be to make myself busy for 3 days (There must be correspondence with the other factors of the flow) But we’ll get there.