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Iphone 6 and 6 plus Scale Up for Apps..

Iphone 6 and 6 plus Scale Up For Apps

There were some gossips about the new coming iPhone6’s screen and I’m bit confused about old apps.

I’ve started to enable auto layout and some of my old apps although they are not suitable for auto layout design. In order to add auto layout i’ll edit tons of nibs among of the codes. In the other hand if it is necessary to add auto layout for iphone6’s screens than App Store will be bunch of junk apps store for iPhone 6 devices, apple should had been consider that. But apple loves changes so they can do anything..

So should i add auto layout to my old apps or its not necessary?

After Iphone 6 Launch..

iphone 6 is sexxyy..

But now we can clearly see how our apps are look like from iphone 6 screens.. And the answer is `pretty same`.. because of the aspect ratio.. here is the link of detailed explonation.. There is no need to extra effort to change something for iphone 6 screens. Just one simple problem is changing images resolution and thats all…

This time developers are happy, apple is happy..