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Parse By The Sea Hackathon

It has been long time i’m not updating my blog.But this time i have a reason for that i’ve been traveling around the UK.Anyway i’ll talk about that my next posts but this post about exciting Facebook Parse By The Sea hackathon..

I’m really thriller about hackathon as always but this time little more because my idea isn’t easy to build anyway i’m gonna try also we haven’t been informed about the which ideas going to eliminate.
It’s a only idea right now, i’ve not decided about my app’s aspect and user interface yet even it hasn’t got a name 🙂 , but i suppose its going to be very simple.Basicaly the app is trying to solve one problem in our music players which is we can’t change playlist while doing something with our hands..So how can we change without our hands? answer is obviously voice recognition.. In the other hand it has a really cool feature its called meState which makes your musics more meaningful.mestate is focusing that fact

music taste depends on what you feel on that moment, sometimes when you are in great time you like A music style sometimes when you are sad you can love B music style.

the problem is people don’t know which state they are in now.. so the app is going to find state.. if you can find you’re emotional state you can enjoy your musics better..