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Experimenting with mobile apps.
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Productivity with Accountability


Productivity League

Productivity League is a mobile app for makers who wants have accountability partner. Appstore Appstore

Simply you register and match with your fellow maker and then start explaining what you are working on. At the end of the week review what went good or what went wrong and get the points accordingly. Week by week you built a trust and make this process more fun as a friend.


New Products

Going from Idea’s selecting you mentality it becomes less and less painful to get rid of features. Currently I sent 3 apps to review in just a 3 weeks they were kind of unfinished and crawling on my famous developer folder but with lots of shame I sent them all to appstore. That’s the reason I did a pause to Lingo project for now. Two of them are already published nothing major for marketting yet so almost a 10 visitors so far but adding more features.



Learn english with trailers of best movies 🍿

User is asked to find correct dialogue from the some part of the trailer.

The goal is to improve familiarity with the daily dialogues also different pronunciations.