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Notebooks & Thinking Models

What is common in notebook of Da Vinci, Einstein, Marcus Aurelius?

It’s extraordinary to think we are cyborgs because of our phones and gadgets. It’s at the end of symbiotic lifestyle, and we leave lots of our trace in our devices. It’s also true for the notebooks; imagine all exciting people have left some part of them to us with their notebooks.

Books, biographies, inventions are not even close because they are the end goal, and as soon as it serves one purpose, it becomes another entity. For example, you wrote a book about magnets. The book gives information about magnets, but your notebook in the writing process gives so gives many clues about your feelings, emotions, and wonders how you organized your thoughts.

So what does all the notebooks which was written by interesting people have in common, they have trace of their thinking models of the owner.

And to me, the way these interesting people think is more valuable than what they produced. Because if we can think the way they think, we might have different angles to the problems we face.

It’s maybe obvious for some people, but I recently realized an interesting point from Einsteins notebook: he approaches science as an art in some places and sometimes personalise scientific items as if they have characters and emotions.

Since I’m a software developer, it was an interesting idea to apply it to the code I wrote, even in the commit messages, which was fun. I have now many shy classes who knows the boundaries and thinks about his purpose in life(cycle) ( loose coupled )




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Stencil has reached to 50$

I have two goals for this year. Write and Share

##What to write? How can I be useful to others? I can share my progress on my apps revenue with all the transparancy (have nothing to lose). Current status is 76.66 dollars for last 30 days 🥳. For working so hard to get this level this definitely needs a celebration.

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