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Product Development Journey

Idea selects you! 

Ideas are things that float around and seeking people with required affections to make them real. Interesting thought practice that Joe Rogan suggested on latest talk with Lex Fridman.

Instead of a I have an idea!, Idea selected me!

Simple yet powerful thinking, forces you to see yourself as a prophet of your Idea and make you responsible to it! 

Why do I care?

For a long time I intrigued to have a good product mindset or being able to build good mobile apps which creates a value for people. As a side project or full time project.  

I was very unsuccessful.

After analysing my journey I realised my biggest enemy was myself changing the focus and not finishing ideas which is %90 ready. 

Not finishing and changing focal point because of the lack of inner motivation to the idea, faithfulness. It seems to me that most of the people overcome this issue by becoming obsessed about the topic intentionally or unintentionally. 

But, I have no obsession at all.

Well this time I have an idea, obsessively thinking about obsession. 

To be continued.