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Thinking about a young basketball player who is getting better and better. His style changes, and then it moulds into a fingerprint no matter how much he tries to mimic the best players.

Such a fascinating process. Even though it’s the repetition of the ideal, the outcome is uniquely different.

Let’s say for 400 years I’ll paint only cubist paintings. It would be amazing to see at the end how would I hold the brush or how would I know the canvas. Probably It’ll be hard to understand how it’s like to be. Many experts struggle to explain their experiences. But it’s easy to see they are in constant flow.

Now let’s think about other daily rituals like brushing your teeth or washing the dishes by hand. How we can make it so that we shape these experiences to what we like best! Like holding the brush at such an angle gives you the joy to clean all the stuff inside. Or brush type that you want hard/soft.

Maybe that’s the purpose of journaling and meditation in a sense of constant improvement and iteration.


Why do we put our hands together when we pray? 🙏 🤲

Religious ceremonies are the archaeological artefacts of the old habits. Not just a praying hand style, but some rituals are very hard yet survived as they integrated well into the stories we love and tell. It’s fascinating to think some people did the same things over 2000 years, generation to generation, like baptism. It’s effortless to believe that you are purified if hundred people say so. And, of course, a convincing story is always there.


My New Principles of Sustainable Product Line [Draft]

They are complementary (Cheese Maker sells cheese cutter)

Every product solves a problem, and users who have the same problem can overlap with the other issues. It would be ideal to have a product line that has similar userbases. It multiplies the reach.

Pieter Levels, for example, his followers love his all products, maybe because he thinks a lot about the same topics and resonates with him what he has a solution for.

Some products are used by the very people they make them. Like in Dieter Ram’s good design manifesto sixth item was design must be honest. When the guy representing the windows phone, uses iPhone, you think twice to get a windows phone.


Productivity with Accountability


Productivity League

Productivity League is a mobile app for makers who wants have accountability partner. Appstore Appstore

Simply you register and match with your fellow maker and then start explaining what you are working on. At the end of the week review what went good or what went wrong and get the points accordingly. Week by week you built a trust and make this process more fun as a friend.